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The UAE Mindfulness Center aims to develop research about the impact of Mindfulness on Education and Health in Mexico and Latin America contributing to the training of properly qualified professionals in this field in accordance with international standards, as well as the dissemination of Mindfulness in society.

Available documents


  • Develop applied scientific research to assess the impact of Mindfulness on education and health.

  • Train professionals with international standards to integrate Mindfulness into the fields of health and education.

  • To promote the spread of Mindfulness in society as a practice of personal well-being and preventive health, through the realization of seminars and courses.

  • Provide community services such as Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, Counseling based on Mindfulness and Mindfulness Coaching.


1. Diploma of Person Centered Medicine based on Mindfulness for Doctors of the Hospital BITE with the outstanding participation of:

  • Dr. Philippe Goldin, professor-researcher in the field of Neuroscience and Mindfulness of the University of California-Davis, the United States.

  • Dr. Stephen Walter, Director of the Graduate School of Family Medicine in West Midland, UK.

  • Dr. Manuel Villarreal, Consultant of the International Division of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of the United Kingdom.

  • Dr. Marie - Patricia Lück specialist in Humanized Medicine by King's College London, UK.

  • Dr. Peter Malinowski, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Center for Behavioral Research and Director of the Mindfulness Research Group at John Moore University in Liverpool, UK.


2. Diploma of Mindfulness for the management of Stress with the professor Armando Velasco, certified in the method of Respira Vida Breathworks, for faculty of UAE.

3. Research to evaluate the impact of Mindfulness on the management of stress in first year students of University. The project is ongoing and has been attended by: Philippe Goldin, Monica Córdoba, Alvaro Guerra, Francisco Hernandez and Alejandra Tinoco.



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