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Mtro. Arturo Alpízar Muciño

Postgraduate professor.

Graduate and Master in Philosophy from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Specialist in Educational Communication and Special Education, Diploma in Higher Education. He has served as Head of Department and Deputy Director in different areas of the Government of the State of Mexico, from 1985 to 2011; Coordinator of Cultural Diffusion of the Faculty of Engineering of UAEMEX, Supervisor of Incorporated Institutions of the same University, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Academic of public and private institutions. Publisher of books, magazines and printed matter for cultural diffusion. Graphic and documentary exhibitions coordinator. Professor of Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the Albert Einstein University since 2015. 41 years of professional experience.

Carlos Eloy Rivera Landa.png

Mtro. Carlos Eloy Rivera Landa

Postgraduate professor

He is a Communications and Electronics Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute, graduated from the Master's Degree in Physical Sciences and the Master's Degree in Education for Peace, from the Albert Einstein University. Also postgraduate studies in Computing from the CINVESTAV of the IPN, and Electronics from the Technological Institute of Chihuahua. She worked as Research Assistant in Educational Mathematics at CINVESTAV, Operational Coordinator in Telecommunications Networks at TELMEX. In the teaching area, since 2012 at the UAE, at the bachelor's and master's level in human development, mathematics, physics and project development with microcontrollers. Currently his main academic activity is in the educational research of learning and philosophy of the sciences of modern physics.

Flor Alina Ortega González.png

Prof. Flor Alina Ortega González

Postgraduate professor

Graduated in Social Work from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and graduated from the Master's Degree in Education for Peace from the Albert Einstein University. Since 1998, she has served as a public official in the CDMX Secretariat for Women and the National Institute of Women, providing advice and support to the State and Municipal Institutes of Women on the design and execution of projects with a perspective of gender. Since 2010 he has been teaching Social Work classes at a technical level and, as of 2014, as a teacher at the UAE, teaching in person and online the subject of Project Design for Human Development and the Degree Seminar. for students who wish to obtain a Master's degree in Education for Peace. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Human Rights at the Center for Higher Studies in Legal and Criminological Sciences.

Dra. Irma Graciela Alvarado Martínez.png

Dr. Irma Graciela Alvarado Martínez

Postgraduate professor.

Doctor and Master in Pedagogy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with lines of research in Theory and curriculum development, didactics, evaluation and communication, as well as in Educational Policy and Academic Management, respectively. She specializes in the study of epistemology and research methodology and has served as a teacher and tutor since 2013 in graduate studies. He is currently interested in issues related to critical and decolonial pedagogies and the approach to neuroeducation. Enjoy auteur cinema.

Juan Carlos Sánchez Rodríguez.png

Mtro. Juan Carlos Sánchez Rodríguez

Postgraduate professor.

Mtro. In Education for Peace from the Albert Einstein University, Lic. In Primary Education, from the Normal School of Atizapán de Zaragoza. Diplomas in Human Development, Leadership and School Management for executive personnel. Since 1996 he has dedicated himself to teaching working at the levels of Primary, Secondary, public and private education, he has worked giving courses and diplomas to teachers, managers and supervisors of the basic level since 1998. Currently he works in the Primary School Supervision P091, Esc. Prim. Alfredo del Mazo Vélez, Instituto Superior de Temoaya giving master classes and at the Alberth Einstein University giving master classes at a distance and in person. Since the confinement began, he has been training on various platforms to be able to teach remotely. In his spare time he likes to do community work: He is the president and trainer of the first running club of Tlazala and of the mountain bike club of the municipality of Isidro Fabela. Meditation in nature is the source of your personality balance

Dra. María Fernanda González Robles..png

Dra. María Fernanda González Robles.

Postgraduate professor.

Graduated in Psychology, Thanatologist (INMEXTAC) and Certified in Thanatology (UNAM), Specialist in Teaching Competences (UPN) and certified (ANUIES).

With studies of: Master's Degree in Couple and Family Orientation, Master's Degree in Educational Sciences, Master's Degree in Educational Research and a Doctorate in Psychoanalysis, with an emphasis on Neuropsychoanalysis (UIC).

With 16 years of teaching experience in Upper Middle Level, Higher, Master's and Doctorate in Universities and public and private Institutions, teaching chair and also as thesis advisor.

Psychoanalyst, Founder of APYCE attending private consultation. Researcher specialized in issues of grief and losses. She has been Coordinator of the Diploma and Instructor of the course "Thanatology for older adults" at the UTN.

He has participated as: Speaker, Workshop and Lecturer in: UNAM, UAM, Mexican Psychoanalytic Association, Mexican Council of Psychoanalysis, Mexican Psychoanalytic Circle, on radio with topics of Thanatology, Interpersonal Relations, Psychology and Education and Mental Health.

Member of the Mexican Council of Psychoanalysis by the UIC.

Member of RED IDEA, the Scientific Committee (UNAM) and the Organizing Committee of the V Ibero-American Meeting on the application of basic science knowledge and its interrelationships in clinical practice.

Writer of the book: "Thought and pain" and children's stories to promote thanatological education.

Mtra. María Patricia Jasso Melo.png

Prof. Maria Patricia Jasso Melo

Postgraduate professor.

She has a degree in chemical engineering from the Autonomous Metropolitan University and a master's degree in Materials science and engineering from the same institution. He has worked in teaching for 20 years in public and private institutions, including the UAM, Colegio de Bachilleres and the National Technological Institute of Mexico, where he has also combined teaching with administrative work. In addition, he has received training in various courses, including the diploma in teaching skills at a higher level and the diploma in Virtual Environments for education. He has directed higher level degree projects at the Tecnológico Nacional de México campus Álvaro Obregón.

Mtro. Aurelio Quiroz González.png

Mtro. Aurelio Quiroz González

Postgraduate professor

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the National Pedagogical University, a Master's Degree in Teaching and Administration of Higher Education, from the University: College of Postgraduate Studies of Mexico City. Where he developed as a teacher of the Bachelor of Science in Education, teaching multiple subjects from 2005 to 2012. From 2011 to date, he is a teacher at the Albert Einstein University, in the Degrees of: Pedagogy, Human Development, Psychology, Tourism, Administration of Companies; teaching in different subjects, as well as in the Master's Degree in Education, in the subjects of: Analysis of the Educational Phenomenon, Problem-Based Learning and Design of Programs for the Development of Cognitive and Socio-Affective Learning Environments. He is passionate about classical music, chess and soccer, his main objective is to continue preparing the new generations of professionals, to aspire to a more equitable, just and harmonious society in our country.

Mtro. Rogelio Hernández Almanza.png

Mtro. Rogelio Hernandez Almanza

Postgraduate professor

He is an architect from the Michoacan University of Sn. Nicolás de Hidalgo, a graduate of the master's degree in peace education from the Albert Einstein University; with a specialty in City Studies from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte and a Ph.D. candidate in architecture from the University of Guanajuato. He has been project manager in the construction of the UAE Campus; He has participated as a speaker in various national and international forums, has published articles on urban conflicts and the culture of peace and on mindfulness and creativity in architecture; He has also carried out research stays at the Catalan Institute of International for Peace, Barcelona and at the Institute for Peace and Conflicts of the University of Granada, and as a teacher at the UAE he has taught classes at the undergraduate and master's level in education for peace. Currently, in addition to working independently in architectural design, he works as a research professor.


Prof. Martha Irene López Martínez

Postgraduate professor

Degree in Communication Sciences from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, graduated as a Master in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms from the University of Ixtlahuaca Campus Toluca. She has held positions as coordinator of the Mediation area of the Cuautitlán Prosecutor's Office and as a trainer in the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico, her teaching work began in 2019 together with the creation of her own company Rapport Conflict Resolution where she gives conferences and courses; as well as conducts private corporate mediations; She is also an associate of the firm Resilio Consultores, SC, specialists in equity and gender violence. Passionate about nutrition, wellness and happiness; certified in this matter by the European Academy of Neurosciences, Economics and Humanities in alliance with Happynar Global. He is currently pursuing a certification in Wellbeing and Happiness from Yale University and another in Basic Nutrition Fundamentals from the American Society for Nutrition. He loves dealing with the people and the crafts of Mexico.

Regina Elías Kuri.png

Prof. Victoria Regina Elías Kuri

Postgraduate professor

Master in Pedagogy from UNAM with studies in the area of human development; For more than 20 years he has worked in the field of education, the promotion of values, human development and thanatology.

A professor at Albert Einstein University for almost 20 years, he considers this experience one of the most rewarding in his life. In 2017 he was awarded the Professor Meritorioum recognition.

She is the director of the Ethos Center for Knowledge Transformation Institute, an institution dedicated to research and training in the organizational, educational and human development areas.

He has participated in different academic and human development programs with educational institutions and organizations such as the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Nuestro Pequeños Hermanos, the Association of educators for peace, among many others.

His work aims to facilitate integral processes of human development in people with the purpose of building lives with greater well-being.