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Study abroad / International Students Project

We're glad that you are interested in learning more about studying in our International Students Project. We hope you will find everything you are looking for, either on our website or by contacting our office.

We are here to assist you.


The International Students Project is designed for students and non-students at University Albert Einstein who are interested in participating in international stays within UAE’s alliance network. Any college or high-school student can register to access international programs and scholarships and become an international student.


Who can study abroad?


Any college or high school student interested in learning new skills through enriching experiences abroad. They must be enrolled in the "International Students Project" of Albert Einstein University.

Register here.


What programs are available?


Through its International Students Project, Albert Einstein University has programs in a variety of disciplines in countries all over the world, such as the USA, UK, Peru, Chile, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Mexico and many more!


Students can also participate in programs that are not sponsored by Albert Einstein University, which means there are even more locations to choose from!


What can I study while I’m abroad?


Practically anything that you can study here at Albert Einstein University or in your university or college, as well as many things that you can’t!


Where can I go?


Anywhere that has an accredited academic program or a volunteer program.


When can I go and for how long?


Programs are as short as two weeks or as long as a full academic year.

Each program has a specific time and date.


Why should I go?


To build your resume - very impressive to potential employers and graduate schools.

To take classes not offered in your country.

To learn in a completely different way than you do in a classroom or on campus

To build self-esteem and confidence

And it is LOADS of fun!



How do I get started?


1. International Students Project - Register here.

2. Send documentation

3. Apply for a program



Benefits of Studying Abroad


Some of the benefits of studying abroad include:


- Experiencing first-hand what you are studying. Students will find that textbooks can’t do justice to the experience of seeing a historical monument for yourself.


- Building your resume for an edge in the competitive job market. Employers in our global economy seek skills improved by overseas engagement, such as cultural awareness, teamwork, innovation and flexibility.

- Acquiring or improving foreign language skills. Complete linguistic and cultural immersion is considered the best way to learn a language.


- Gaining a better understanding of yourself and your own country. This is an adventure that will broaden your horizons and help you gain independence, confidence and maturity.


- Most students that go abroad return exhilarated by the experience. They bring fresh perspectives to the classroom and are more confident about living in today’s world. Studying abroad can be thought of as a wise investment and a lifetime gift. It is something we hope everyone can take advantage of.

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