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What is a UAE internship?


For Albert Einstein University (UAE), an internship in international programs is the participation of a graduate/undergraduate student or member of teaching staff in a research project, volunteer program, social work or other higher education project in different institutions and countries. The host institution provides up-to-date seminars and includes the students/teachers in an ongoing multidisciplinary project or helps the students/teachers to create specific new projects.



Why do an internship at UAE?


An academic-professional stay at UAE gives the student/teacher the opportunity to train in cutting-edge topics, social work and volunteer programs with an excellent academic life and a multidisciplinary environment. UAE is committed to professional development through human development and peace education.


Through the internship, students can do their social work or obtain academic credits in a leading institution in Peace Education in Mexico, recognized by the network of UNESCO Associated Schools. Furthermore, in Mexico they will find a different setting to their own, where they can develop their potential and gain professional experience, rising to new challenges and having experiences that we are sure they will find both rewarding and enjoyable.


How long does a UAE internship last?


The internship lasts 3 - 6 months

During the academic sessions, the interns will interact with other Mexican graduate students and prestigious academics to develop their individual academic interests. It is highly recommended, but not essential, that the candidate should have a basic idea of the field of interest that he or she would like to focus on.


What do you do during a UAE internship?


During the internship, the student/teacher can develop a project of his own choice or choose one of the ongoing programs.

During the stay, the student can select one of the lecturers during 2022 to develop research or application projects on different topics.

The student will stay in touch with each lecturer throughout the process.
You can find a list of faculty members available during the period 2022 via email (


How much does an internship at UAE cost?


An academic stay at UAE is covered by a 100% scholarship on tuition fees for all courses and seminars that are held on campus. Students also have access to campus facilities and library use at no extra charge, and access to university transport during academic hours.


The costs of travel, board and lodging will be paid by the students.

The university can facilitate contact with nearby guest houses and hotels, and other low-cost services for their stay.

UAE covers 100% of academic expenses. If the student completes the internship satisfactorily, the university will issue a certificate of completion.

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