RVOE SEP 20180431 SEP 31, 2017




The Degree in Architecture from the Albert Einstein University will be able to design, build and manage architectural projects with a strategic vision in internal and external spaces that contribute to the solution of social needs and incorporate principles of regulations, sustainability, aesthetics, methodology and technology with high ecological and human sense.
Likewise, it will exercise its leadership to optimize habitability and sustainability considering the natural environment and the social and cultural factors of the regional, national and global context.

You will be able to:

• Express personal creativity in architectural proposals by technological, graphic, volumetric, written and oral means.

• Manage the most appropriate technologies and materials for the construction of both habitable and urban spaces.

• Conceive, plan, manage and evaluate small and large-scale construction projects, using sustainable alternatives.

• Prevent the environmental impact of architectural proposals, integrating urban needs with natural environments.