1. How do I get to the UAE?

The UAE is located at Carretera Monte Alto No. 19, Col. Exhacienda San Antonio Bata, Municipality of Isidro Fabela, Edo. Mex. 54480, you can check the available routes at the following link: https://bit.ly/3ar11tW

2. What can I study at the UAE?

The Albert Einstein University offers different bachelor's and master's programs, as well as diplomas and courses that you can find directly on our website www.uae.edu.mx

3. Do the studies carried out in the UAE have official validity before the SEP (RVOE)?

Yes, all our programs have an official validity record.

4. Are there international exchanges in the UAE?

There are different options for international mobility such as exchanges, summer schools, winter schools, volunteering, short programs and international stays.

5. With which countries does the UAE have agreements?

The UAE maintains agreements with different institutions and universities around the world, currently we have collaborations with the following countries:


University of Texas at Austin

LEAF Education Baltimore.


Light Your Life Corporation / Talented Minds Summer School


University of Monash


ESCI École supérieure de commerce international, Paris.


University of Friborg


San Antonio Abad University of Cusco




UK Universities

6. What type of scholarships does the UAE offer?

The UAE offers a variety of scholarships that you can consult according to your particular interests in reports@uae.edu.mx

7. What is the educational model of the UAE?

Faced with the challenges that a world that is globalizing and in congruence with the principles that govern its ideology: Tolerance, Fraternity and Peace, the ALBERT EINSTEIN UNIVERSITY builds its educational model called "Education for Peace from the perspective of Human Development" thereby assuming the commitment to train people with a high professional qualification and moral solvency, capable of contributing to the consolidation of a planetary society where respect for diversity, fraternal coexistence and peace reign.

Within this context, Educating for Peace is understood as doing it within a solid framework of values, endorsed by the world community as an indispensable proposal for international understanding. Thus, our educational model is, above all, a value education model focused on ethical values that promote the integral development of the human being.

8. What does it mean for the university to be a member of the UNESCO ASP NETWORK?

The UNESCO Associated Schools Scheme Network (ASPnet) links educational institutions around the world around a common goal: to build strongholds of peace in the minds of children and young people. The more than 11,500 ASPnet partner schools in 182 countries work to promote, in practice, international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education.

ASPnet is coordinated at the international and national levels. The international coordination of the network is headed by a special team at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. At the country level, National Commissions for UNESCO appoint ASPnet National Coordinators. Principals, teachers and students from the partner schools spearhead activities on the ground.

9. How many years do the different programs last in the UAE?

Bachelor's degrees: 3 years 6 months

Master's degrees: 1 year and six months

10. Do the English classes have an extra cost?

No, English classes are part of the benefits we offer to our regular undergraduate students.

11. What are the forms of qualification in the UAE?

a) qualification for academic excellence.

b) thesis.

c) graduate degree.

d) degree by project.

12. Does the UAE have school transportation?

Yes, the UAE has close, safe and free transportation for its students on established routes.

This service allows students to travel directly reducing risks, since no person outside the University can board the transport.

Check the existing routes.

13. Does the UAE have a job bank?

Yes, through an agreement with OCCMundial, the leading site to find employment at any level, with more than 100,000 job offers.