Training Specialty

of the human factor

RVOE SEP 20160481 JUN 14, 2016




This postgraduate course prepares the educator as a psychopedagogical counselor and enables him to identify learning difficulties, their diagnosis and effective intervention.


The Psychopedagogy Specialist is able to identify and diagnose the development processes of the learner and propose programs for the creation of cognitive and socio-affective learning environments based on instructional design, guidance, intervention and psychopedagogical evaluation.


Likewise, the psychopedagogue analyzes, plans, designs and develops educational programs based on the methodologies that facilitate and promote learning, as well as preventive and corrective policies and strategies for educational centers. Its performance is not limited to the context of formal education, as it includes business and social areas, such as education for the elderly, training centers and technical and technological training.


The specialty program allows continuing studies to achieve the degree of Master of Education (RVOE SEP 20160484 JUNE 14, 2016 SCHOOL MODALITY).


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